Does the idea of working online and collecting a paycheck from anywhere in the world tickle your fancy? We know it tickles ours. The freedom to travel on a whim and earn a living in 2020 is viable and ripe for the taking.

What does being a digital nomad look like in today’s world? What are digital nomad tools, how do you stay productive, and how do you save money along the way? We’ve put together our favorite tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Digital Nomad Guides

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What is a Digital Nomad?

In 2020, working online is the new hype. It’s convenient, requires no commute, and allows you to work from anywhere. What makes a digital nomad different? Well, you see those people on instagram who travel to a new country every month taking wildly gorgeous photos and making everybody else jealous? That’s what.  It may seem like a fairy-tale world or something people do while living off daddy’s money, but in reality, most people don’t fully understand what it entails. There tends to be a lot of questions about this topic. You might be wondering: what does it really look like?

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