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Integra is different from most other traveller’s insurance options out there. For one, it is not designed specifically for digital nomads, but includes plans for long-term travellers and expats. 

Most traveller’s insurance is designed to assist mostly during medical emergency situations and unexpected travel expenses, which is the main concern for most digital nomads who are on the move often in unfamiliar territory. However, for some digital nomads, more broad medical coverage is essential. 

Let’s say that a digital nomad has been traveling for 5 or 6 months. They land in a city they absolutely love and decide to stay for a while. That while becomes 6 more months. That makes an entire year of being out of their home country.

So, when it’s time for routine check-ups and refilling prescriptions and all that fun stuff, what are they to do? 

Instead of hopping on a plane home, they might want to find a new general care physician, gynecologist, or dentist in their new city abroad. This may require insurance that offers more comprehensive health care.

In addition, Integra offers mental health benefits for travellers and expats. For some, this is indispensable and quite necessary. Being able to afford therapy or medications regularly is a priority for some, and paying out of pocket can cost a pretty penny.

All About Integra Insurance

In this section, we will focus on the following:

  • Cost of coverage
  • InCare coverage
  • Personal & Premier Plans

Integra plans cater not just to individuals, but also families and companies who are seeking to insure their workers. For the sake of this article, we will focus on mostly individual and family plans.

Note that Integra is mostly medical and does not cover travel expenses such as flight cancellation or lost baggage, which might turn away some digital nomads seeking to protect their gear or get reimbursed for these kinds of expenses. 

Cost of Coverage

There are many factors when considering pricing. The best way to get all the information needed is to fill out their indicative price calculator on the website. 

Information and pricing more easily digestible while looking at their comparison tables.

Possibly because there are so many options to consider, or it’s a sales tactic (maybe a mix of both) that they nudge the insurance seeker to fill out their contact information to receive a price quote and for sales reps to contact.

Either way, the interested traveler should fill out all the necessary information including country of assignment, citizenship, dependents or none etc. They can also request the amount of deductible they prefer. 

Integral Global Indicative Price Tool

We can see here that “country of assignment” makes the assumption that the person who is seeking insurance is traveling to the destination for work or on some sort of secret mission (think Bond 007). 

As mentioned earlier, Intega is not specifically a digital nomad insurance company, but still may be a good choice depending on how long a traveler plans to stay in one country or region and the kind of coverage they require. 

The pricing tool asks to select one of two regions within the Worldwide feature. 

  • Region 1 includes coverage everywhere except the US and Canada
  • Region 2 includes the US and Canada

Region 2 is significantly more expensive (as with most medical coverage in the US) and is not offered for each plan.

Let’s look at an example for reference…

Using the pricing tool for the following options: travelling to Indonesia as a United States citizen, 30-years-old, no dependents, with a $200 deductible in region 1 (not including US/Canada coverage). 

Instead of monthly, the prices are broken down into quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. 

The cheapest options are In-Care Life & In-Care Premium (both plans for individuals) ranging in annual payments of $1,259 to $1,448. This breaks down to approximately $105 to $120 per month not including dental. 

For an individual, they will need to upgrade to the YourLife plan and add dental which will come out to a little more than double this price. 

When selecting region 2, the InCare plans are not available. In order to be covered in the US and Canada, one needs to sign up for the Personal & Premier Plans. 

After filling out the necessary information for the indicative price tool, it’s easy to scroll down and see the plan overview to compare the plans. There is also the option to click on the Compare Plans tab in the menu bar for a general overview. 

InCare Coverage

Let’s talk more specifically about the coverage offered at the individual level with Integra’s InCare plans. 

As mentioned above, the insured party will not be able to be covered in the US or Canada with these plans. If they are planning to stay abroad for most of the year, or longer,  this may be worthwhile, as this plan is cheaper and still covers a number of medical services. 

These include:

  • Hospitalization benefits
  • Emergency evacuation & accompaniment
  • Inpatient mental health benefits
  • Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) — up to $50k for InCare-Life and $100k for InCare-Premium plans

The main difference between the InCare-Life and InCare-Premium plans according to the table is that with the premium you are guaranteed a private hospital room, and the AD&D benefit is double. 

*InCare does not cover the following:

  • Outpatient benefits
  • Wellness and routine services
  • Vision care
  • Chronic conditions
  • Medical concierge
  • Dental
  • Best possible outcome program

Personal & Premier Plans

These plans are characterized as yourLife and PremierLife plans, as well as family plans. They include most of what is covered and not covered in the InCare plan above.

The yourLife and PremierLife plans are basically identical except that PremierLife offers private hospitalization rooms, routine dental services, evacuation accompaniment, and advanced health screenings. 

For example, if a traveller wants to get their teeth cleaned and undergo advanced health screenings, they should sign up for PremierLife for approximately $1,000 more per year. 

Family Plans 

The main difference between the family plans and the others are the additional maternity benefits, which is not completely shocking. 

Coverage includes normal and complicated pregnancies, coverage for newborns as well as wellness benefits for children. 

Integra FAQs

Where is Integra based?

Integra is a UK based company with three different options for regional coverage on their website including: Worldwide, Salama, China/Hong Kong/ Singapore. 

How do I submit a claim?

The easiest and fastest way to submit a claim is either via the website or the Integra mobile app. 

If claims are made within 180 days of treatment, they are eligible to seek reimbursement. 

Note that in cases of scheduled hospitalization, getting pre-authorization is necessary within a week before any procedure. If failure to obtain pre-authorization occurs, the benefits payable will be reduced up to 25%. 

How do I make a payment?

To pay their premium, the member should go to the website and simply fill out the form and submit their payment.

This can be done easily using a credit card. Payment can also be handled over the phone via credit card as well. 

Who do I contact in case of emergencies?

For assistance in case of an emergency (available 24/7) call the number below:

International #:  +44 20 7183 8910
Backup: +44 7785 627 433

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