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Seven Corners is a highly-regarded travel insurance company for digital nomads and international travelers around the world. They have been in business for over 25 years, and have a broad range of options for all types of travelers. Based in the US, their main office is located in Indiana.

Insurance plans are available for anyone traveling just about anywhere–US citizens and non-US citizens, digital nomads traveling to one or many countries, road trips in and around the US. They cater to missionaries, business travelers, students, seniors, and expats as well as special plans for visitors and immigrants.

Seven Corners insurance offers specialized, comprehensive plans to cover short and long-term travel internationally and in the home country, whether it’s lost luggage, travel delays, medical emergencies, or political evacuation. 

All About Seven Corners Insurance

Fortunately, the Seven Corners site is straight-forward and does some of the work for the insurance seeker. 

One can simply see on the landing page of the website how to narrow down the options by answering some initial questions. This includes whether or not the traveler resides in or outside the US, and whether they plan to travel in the US or not. 

After going through these initial check boxes, the site will recommend plans that best fit the travelers needs.

Now, this is just the first step. As usual, there is a lot to consider when browsing insurance policies. 

This review will help to highlight some of the key factors to keep in mind when signing up for Seven Corners insurance including:

  • Cost of Deductible
  • Digital Nomad Insurance Plans
  • Insurance for US residents
  • Insurance for Non-US residents

Cost of Deductible

The best way to get a quote is to finish the first initial steps mentioned above and check out the recommended plans. Once the insurance seeker has clicked on the plan, the page will pop up with details and a “Quick Quote” box on the left. 

The quote generator requires information such as: dates of travel, the state of residence (if residing in the US), the country destination(s), age, and cost of trip. This can be a ballpark, but the estimated cost of the trip should include airfare, hotels, excursions, including any nonrefundable items. 

Seven Corners Quick Quote

As with all travel insurance, being a resident of the US or traveling into the US is an important factor, as it increases the cost of the plan significantly. 

For example, a US resident travelling internationally, the most recommended plan for travel protection is RoundTrip Travel Insurance, which only covers 90 days. A quick quote for 1 month in Belize for a 30-year-old residing in New York with a trip cost of $3,000 is between $71 (Economy) – $112 (Elite).

For an annual plan, such as the Wander Frequent Traveler plan, the deductible is roughly $250 for a 30-year-old not including US travel. Including US travel, the plan is $350, so significantly more.

Seven Corners Insurance Plans

The Wander Frequent Traveler Plan is an annual plan essentially designed as digital nomad insurance. It includes travel to multiple countries within the year, and provides a broad scope of medical services and travel protections.

Medical services include:

  • Hospital, local ambulance, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, urgent care (with a max of 1 million dollars for ages 14-64 and $50k for 65-75 years old)
  • Chiropractic and physiotherapy care ($50 per visit, 10 max)
  • Acute on-set for pre existing conditions (for US residents travelling international)
  • Dental relief ($250) and dental accident (up to max) 
  • Emergency vision
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation (up to 1 million apart from other medical max), political evacuation and repatriation
  • Emergency return of children, remains, burial, medical reunion
  • Accidental death and dismemberment

Travel Benefits include:

  • Lost baggage ($50 per article, $500 limit per incident) and baggage delay ($250)
  • Trip interruption ($5k), travel delay, lost or stolen travel documents
  • Border entry protection
  • Personal liability (up to $25k)

Note that hazardous activities or sports coverage is additional, and will increase the cost of the deductible. For those who are akin to jumping out of planes or high elevation trekking, this may be a necessary add-on. 

Especially since they travel frequently, a digital nomad should consider that any baggage lost may mean a significant financial loss. A mere $50 may not even cover more than a couple items of clothing let alone expensive cameras, laptops and other necessary remote work equipment that can cost upwards of $3k. 

Since a digital nomad is relying on these tools to make a living, if they lose a bag it would be not only soul-crushing but devastating to their work. So, they should either bring everything of value on their carry on, or look elsewhere for coverage.

Insurance for US residents

In addition to the Wander Frequent Traveler plan discussed above, there are other plans designed specifically for US residents that cover short and long-term travel. 

This includes the following:

Insurance for Non-US Residents

For those either living somewhat permanently abroad or are non-US citizens studying or working in the US, they should consider one of the following plans:

*If someone is living in the US on a visa, they should make sure that they have separate coverage for when they return to their home country. 


How much does Seven Corners cost?

The cost of deductible depends on the plan chosen, length of travel and destination of travel, as well as some factors such as age and cost of trip. 

In general, 90 day coverage ranges between $70-$200 and annual insurance ranges between $200-400 per month depending on whether the traveller opts for standard Economy or Elite plans. 

How do I get in contact with Seven Corners?

To contact Seven Corners customer service in the US call:

  • 1-800-335-0611
  • 317-575-2659 Fax

For travel assistance or in case of an emergency:

  • Inside US and Canada: 1-800-690-6295 
  • Outside US and Canada: 1-317-818-2808

What Seven Corners plan is best for a digital nomad?

The most fitting plan for a digital nomad that has a permanent address in the US but is planning to stay abroad for the majority of the year is the Wander Frequent Traveler Plan. 

If the digital nomad is essentially living as an expat, they might consider plans such as which include expat benefits for citizens residing outside of the US. 

How do I file a claim? 

Before filing a claim, any traveler should make sure they have all necessary bills, receipts, or documents to back up their claim. 

Then, they can simply fill out a claim form on the Seven Corners’ website by logging into their account. (800) 335-0477 toll free

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