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TripAssure travel insurance provides travel protection for long and short-term travelers and digital nomads who are from the US traveling domestic or international.

Formerly MH Ross established in 1961 and based out of Kansas City, TripAssure changed their branding after partnering with Trip Mate in 2009. They are now a member of a well-known administrator of travel insurance. 

They have two main travel protection plans to choose from; one is essentially the upgraded version of the other. Rather than having many different specialized plans for different types of travelers, TripAssure offers standardized coverage that can be customized to fit the traveler’s needs.

They pride themselves on their customer service and recommend speaking to a sales agent while going through the application process. For a digital nomad who doesn’t want to sift through 200 plans to find the right fit, this might be a more straight-forward and simple solution with all the necessary coverage. 

All About TripAssure Travel Insurance

To make things a bit easier, this TripAssure insurance review compiles all the key elements and benefits in one place.

Topic covered include:

  • Cost of Coverage
  • Travel Protection Plans
  • Additional Coverage 

Cost of Coverage

First thing most travelers want to know right off the bat is a ballpark estimate of price. Swing batter batter batter! After all, most digital nomads are traveling on a budget. 

As with all insurance plans, there are many factors that come into play. For example, age, destination of travel, cost of trip, and whether or not additional coverage is necessary determine the ultimate cost of the deductible. 

Trip Assure offers two comprehensive plans: the Asset Plan and the Bridge Plan.

A 30 year old traveling to Bermuda for 1 month, spending an estimated $5,000 on the trip will pay $172 per month with the Asset Plan and $223 with the Bridge Plan, not including any additional coverage (more on this later…). 

According to this quote, the lowest monthly payment is around $170 and goes up from there according to the traveler’s needs.

Travel Protection Plans

The good news is the TripAssure website is pretty straight-forward; they allow the insurance seeker to compare the two plans easily with the option to highlight differences between them. 

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As mentioned above, the two travel protection plans are Asset and Bridge. 

The travel protection benefits of both plans include the following:

  • Trip cancellation*– 100% insured
  • Travel delay –$750 (Asset) and $1k (Bridge)
  • Trip interruption*–up to $50k / 125% of cost (Asset) and 150% of cost (Bridge)
  • Medical and dental– up to $50k (Asset) and $100k (Bridge)
  • Emergency assistance and transportation ($500k)
  • Accidental death & dismemberment ($25k)
  • Baggage coverage with a $300 limit per item– total limit of $1,500 (Asset) and $2k (Bridge)

Another thing to note is that both insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions, whereas many traveler and digital nomad insurance plans do not. This may be beneficial for people with chronic illness or injuries that need routine medical care. 

For a list of what is covered under trip cancellation and interruption, one can see the list at the bottom of the table under Coverage For Travel Arrangements

As described above, the Asset and Bridge plans do not differentiate much in services offered. It comes down to a difference in max limit and a few specific coverage costs. For instance, the medical and dental coverage maximum limit is double with the Bridge Plan.

Additional Coverage

Some additional coverage options include:

  • Rental car* insurance at $7 a day (up to $35k)
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (flights only) coverage at an additional $10 with up to $100k of coverage.

*Note that rental car insurance is available to anyone except residents of the state of Texas. 

TripAssure FAQ

How do I file a claim? 

The insured traveler can file out a claim form on the TripAssure website. 

As with any claim, all documents are necessary to prove the claim is valid. In this case, collecting all bills, hospital reports, or receipts is essential for this process. 

There is even a specific tab on the website dedicated to answering questions about documentation, including payment and refund information for each claim category. 

Who can I contact a sales agent about questions?

To contact customer service call: 1-800-423-3632 or 1-888-595-8747

The TripAssure main office address is:
9225 Ward Parkway, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64114

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

TripAssure works with an assistance provider in case of emergencies. 

The contact information should be included in the description of coverage/policy and on the purchase confirmation after signing up.

Can I cancel my policy?

A policy can be cancelled within a complete refund within 10 days of signing up, so long as the person has not yet left for their travels. 

Can I extend my policy while I’m traveling?

Apparently extending the policy is only allowed so long as there has been no incurred losses, the policy is active during the extension period, and additional costs are paid if applicable.

Is TripAssure a good option for digital nomads?

For a digital nomad, TripAssure has some benefits and pitfalls. They provide comprehensive coverage for both medical and travel expenses. It is not the cheapest insurance out there, and it is not so flexible as far as extending coverage while abroad. 

Most reviews on TripAssure are great, noting the ease of signing up via the website, the broad range of coverage, and the quality of customer service pre-trip. However, apparently people have experienced some challenges when filing claims, complaining the process is drawn out and communication at this stage is a challenge. 

Regardless, there are many reasons to consider signing up for TripAssure as they are highly-regarded and provide substantial coverage.

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