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World Nomads insurance is one of the more popular traveler’s insurance choices out there. It’s been around since 2002 and caters to the many lifestyles and adventures of digital nomads around the world. 

Unlike some other insurance companies, World Nomad provides different options for different types of travellers. 

For instance, if a digital nomad is typically pretty low-key, taking part in yoga retreats or staying in cozy AirBnbs, it is less likely they will lose a limb or suffer from a severe injury requiring hospitalization. In this case, they might sign up for the Standard plan.

On the other hand, if they are adrenaline addicts jumping out of airplanes or doing extreme sports like back-country skiing, they should probably sign up for the Explorer plan. Needless to say, there is a higher chance this person could have an accident, in which case paying a little more per month might be worthwhile. 

Fingers crossed, nothing bad will happen. But with either of these plans, a digital nomad is more prepared for any unfortunate consequences that may arise while trotting the globe or jumping out of planes. 

It’s not just medical coverage. The smaller, yet annoying inconveniences of travel such as flight delays or cancellations are also covered, and could end up saving a traveller hundreds or even thousands over the long-run. 

All About World Nomads

The first thing to note about the World Nomads website is that it asks immediately upon entering the site to select the home country of the interested party. This stream-lines their content to meet the exact needs of the traveller.

Since World Nomads provides many options and types of coverage, this section will be devoted to a general overview of the following:

  • Pricing 
  • Medical Coverage
  • Travel Expenses & Coverage
  • Car Rental Damage

Throughout, we will highlight the main differences between the Standard and Explorer plans to paint an overall picture.


The best and easiest way to know how much World Nomads insurance costs is to fill out the quote box on their website. As with any insurance, age is a factor. In addition, they ask for some basic information such as the destination and dates of travel.

As an example, see the following quote based on a trip for one month to Europe as a 30-year-old from Florida in the United States. The price calculator shows the following: 

World Nomad Insurance Quote

As shown above, the total for the Standard Plan is quoted at $120.07 and the Explorer Plan at $211.51, nearly double the price, with an itemized list of coverage. 

This is not the cheapest insurance on the block, however, the plans are quite comprehensive and provide coverage for many emergency situations as well as unexpected travel expenses. 

Medical Coverage 

For a traveler interested in World Nomads, the most important thing to consider is the list of activities covered, and whether or not the Standard or Explorer package is the better fit, as mentioned above. We will go into this more later.

A list of medical coverage based on the earlier quote includes the following:

  • Emergency accident and sickness treatment (up to $100,000 for both plans)
  • Emergency dental treatment ($750 for both plans)
  • Hospital advancement ($500 for both plans)
  • Adventure sports and activities*

For the above listed items, both plans are identical in coverage with the exception of *adventure sports & activities. This makes sense considering the plans are built to cater to two different types of travellers, mostly relating to the nature of their adventures. 

We recommend checking their comprehensive list which compiles over 200 activities and sports and which plans cover which. 

A digital nomad should keep in mind that if they are injured during one of these activities, and it is explicitly not covered in their plan, they will receive no assistance. Essentially, their insurance is useless. So if they plan to embark on any of the deemed “extra dangerous” activities, they might want to consider this.

Travel Expenses & Other Coverage

When looking at travel and other kinds of coverage, we can see that the plans deviate from each other a bit more, showing a more obvious distinction between the Standard and Explorer plans.

Based on the quote above, coverage listed includes the following: 

  • Emergency Evacuation ($300k Standard, $500k Explorer)
  • Non-medical Emergency Transportation ($300k Standard, $500k Explorer)
  • Trip Interruption or Cancellation ($2,500 Standard, $10k Explorer)
  • Reimbursement for lost or stolen luggage* 
  • Baggage delay (up to $150 a day with $750 max for both plans)
  • Accident Death & Dismemberment ($5,000 Standard, $10,000 Explorer.

When comparing lost, damaged, or stolen luggage, there are a few key parts. With the Standard plan, there is a $1,000 limit at $500 per item. For the Explore plan, there is a $3,000 limit at $1,500 per item. Both plans essentially cover 2 items before reaching the max limit, but the Explore covers more. The good news is, this includes tech equipment and sports gear, so they won’t have to cry if their laptop breaks or they lose their scuba gear. 

Rental Car Damage

Another key difference between Standard and Explore is rental car damage coverage. The Standard plan does not include this, whereas the Explore plan covers up to $35,000. 

This is one of those moments where reading the fine print is helpful. For whatever reason, excluded from this are the states of New York, Texas, and Oregon.  

Furthermore, some rental car companies may not accept this insurance. If a traveller is looking to rent a car, they should check with the company to make sure their World Nomads coverage is acceptable.  

Another thing: if a traveller already has car insurance, this may not be necessary. Our best advice is to check with both the car insurance company and/or the rental company.

World Nomads FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions to provide further clarity on World Nomads insurance:

When can I sign up?

A traveller can sign up for World Nomads insurance at any time on their website, even if they’ve already taken off on their adventures.

Also, they can add more coverage or change the details of their plan easily from anywhere at any time. 

How to make a claim?

One can just sign in as a member of World Nomads and make a claim online easily. Of course, as with any insurance, it is important to save all documents, hospital bills, and receipts in order to be able to provide evidence to back up the claim. 

Does it cover me at home? 

Technically, the insured party should be 100 miles from home in order to be eligible for coverage. If they are home, then it is assumed they are not traveling, and hence do not need traveller’s insurance. 

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

World Nomads boasts 24/7 emergency assistance in all languages, making it easier for anyone to receive the help they need. 

For US citizens, they partnered with General Global Assistance, and can be contact at any time for anywhere using the following information:

  • Telephone: +1-877-289-0968 (toll free within the US and Canada)
  • Telephone: +1-954-334-8143 (Collect worldwide)
  • Email:

If not a US citizen, one can find the right emergency assistance information here.

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