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Traveling abroad is by far one of the most unique, eye-opening and soul-filling experiences that we as individuals can have! Visiting new places and meeting new people are both incredibly exciting. This is especially true when we do it in a faraway place we perhaps know little about. However, communicating with locals is not just about human connection; we also need to do so for practical purposes such as asking for directions, understanding street signs and placing a meal order.

How do we ensure we are fully able to understand and engage in this communication when we are in a country where we don’t speak the language? What if there is no Good Samaritan around that is willing and able to translate and we are at an offline location? It gets complicated right?! Consider investing in a translator device in order to ease your communication needs abroad.

The Mortentr Translator

The Mortentr Translator Device is a smart voice translator with a 2.4-inch HD display. With the ability to translate seventy different languages, it is an excellent choice for travel abroad.

This language translator has the capability for 2-way translation ensuring you are both understanding what is being said and being understood! This translator device has a loud and clear microphone that is capable of voice recognition even in the most crowded environments. Easily detect a language to English in A language mode. Switch to B language mode to translate English to another language as needed.

JoneR Go Voice Language Translator

The JoneR Go Voice Language Translator is also a two-way language converter with a 98% accuracy rate.

It simultaneously recognizes what is being said and speaks the translation result aloud. It has a 3.1-inch touch screen that allows you to see your translation in text while it is being translated verbally. There is no need to pair this translator to an app on your phone. Simply connect this translating device to WIFI and begin your translation. This product comes with a 12-month warranty allowing you to purchase with peace of mind.

The JoneR Pro Smart Voice Translator 53

The JoneR Pro Smart Voice Translator 53 is a slightly more advanced option featuring more capabilities. This language converter translates forty-five languages and can pick up on fifty-seven different regional accents ensuring maximum communication clarity. It supports recording playback and voice-into-text transfer as well, making this an excellent translator device for work related purposes. It functions with Wi-Fi as well as a GPRS card, enabling you two separate connectivity options.

Jarvisen Language Translator

For those of you in need of a Wi-Fi-independent translating device, then the Language Translating Device by Jarvisen is the language converter for you.

It has instant real time two-way voice capability in sixty different languages. This offline voice translator does not require Wi-Fi connection in order to work. Additionally. It possesses polysemous recognition and a plethora of professional vocabulary in the healthcare, IT, finance, legal, sports and energy industries. This is a great option for those of you who travel abroad frequently for work. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and free lifetime support should you run into any issues.

What’s your favorite language translator device? Let us know in the comments!


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