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In this day and age traveling is cheaper than ever. We travel for work, for leisure, for family visits, and for escaping to the unknown. We are looking at flights ALL the time, but, the flight prices seem so inconsistent and they are changing daily. So, here is the royal question, when do we book? When is the time we can purchase our flights at their cheapest? Here, we have some small hints and tips for how to find the best deals, the guys that make our searches easier and what travel times we gotta avoid. 

Book Your Flights Smarter

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To find the best days to fly, it is astronomically easier with handy websites and apps. Sites like Skyscanner are great option to receive daily emails about the drop and rise in prices. You can monitor crazy flight fluctuations between $500-$1000. Strangely enough, sometimes booking a return ticket is cheaper than a one way. Yup, crazy huh? Look at returns if you are looking for one way.

Like any flights, the best deals are ones you can plan ahead of time. Shoot for a month+ to give yourself leeway. Not to say you couldn’t land a sweet last minute flight, but when planning ahead you’re more likely to secure a cheaper booking.

Flight Booking by Season

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So, taking into consideration the benefits of looking at returns, it is also important to know the best seasons to travel. Booking during busy holiday seasons, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year is a bad idea. 

The prices of the flights for these times of the year skyrocket, as people are coming home from work, they only have a few days to spend with family and friends. Unfortunately, the airlines know this and gouge the prices. 

Easter is also a tricky one, worldwide many, many people take vacations/go home around this time also. Let’s also bear in mind spring break and summer vacations. In parts of Europe, they usually have six weeks of a school break in summer, so obviously, this is when families have their chance of vacation.

Let’s just say you tried to book a flight to Spain in July, and then you looked at prices for November, the prices would be SIGNIFICANTLY different. 

So, think about exactly where you are traveling to and do a bit of research into what events, festivals, and holidays may be in place at your given time. Even a day or two around these events may have huge differences in cost!

Take Advantage of Flight Booking Tools 

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So let’s get back to that aching question: which days of the week are cheapest? (We all wonder!) 

Well, there used to be more of a pattern apparently, people used to say that travel was cheapest on Tuesdays, others said Mondays. However, due to changes in seasons and life events following a pattern is not always the right way to go. 

One thing is almost for certain, traveling on the weekend is pricier. And booking your plane ticket last minute is also always more expensive.

With the help of our trusty Google- we can follow the fluctuations and even sign up to receive notification emails to let us know of the changes!

Whilst timing is important in booking your travel dates, there are many websites nowadays that will assist you.We are all aware that we can book through travel agents; they do the hard work while you sit at the office desk dreaming of the blue ocean and white sands. However, these guys take commissions. But we are looking for the best value, right? That means saving every cent we have and traveling the quickest and easiest routes. This also means being super independent and not sitting in an office being sold package vacations. 

Out of all of the good flight scanning sights here are a few trustworthy ones:

Skyscanner is my first go-to. Here, they will plan the whole route for you, there are options to filter your searches into cheapest- most expensive, direct flights- 3 stops, etc. You can also look at the price ranges by the month, helping you decide when the right price is within that month 

TIP: When you do a search it is known that websites use ‘cookies’, basically meaning they recall your previous searches. This is a great way for them to make the dollar off the travelers that we are! So, go into your browser settings and clear your ‘cache’- this will reset your searches as if you were looking for the first time! 

There is also Kayak and Expedia which pretty much scan all the available flights and providers for your trip, finding you the best deal. 

Jack’s Flight Club is an awesome setup. You can sign up free and receive emails about some crazy low flight deals, even better you can sign up for premium and receive even more offers they find. Good on these guys, it’s insane what they can find! Let’s say London to Cape Town- supposed to be $1200 but is $400- pretty nifty.


Anyways, with this extra information, we hope you find the best deals out there. Unfortunately there is no cookie cutter answer to finding the best day of the week to buy tickets. But with these tips and tricks, you can definitely take out some of the guesswork. Happy and safe travels!

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