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Businesses pay a lot of money to fly their employees around the country and internationally. Last minute flights are unavoidable, and can make the price of unexpected travel costs even higher than usual. 

Although finding cheap tickets is easier than ever, there are many hidden fees that are not accounted for when searching for flight prices. And, if it is not clearly defined, employees will most likely take advantage of travel luxuries, charging directly to the business account. I mean, can you blame them?

Concur is essentially a business traveler’s best friend. It works like a travel agent, but specifically for businesses. It has specialized resources to help businesses keep track of travel expenses and help them save while sending employees on business-related trips.


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How Concur Helps Businesses Cut Costs:

Factors In Ancillary Fees

Ancillary fees are typically hidden, or show up later on in the process. They add up slowly, and eventually make travel-related expenses a larger chunk of your allocated budget than originally planned. 

For example, your company was invited to a conference less than a week away. When searching for those very last minute flights, you find that it will cost $400 to travel round-trip to the destination per employee. When you go to book the flight, there are additional costs, such as: drinks on the flight, extra leg room, baggage fees and more. These can add up and become a financial burden on your business if you’re not careful.

Concur has some insight on this subject, and suggests particular steps to take. This includes creating policies around ancillary fees and encouraging employees to factor them in when booking flights. 

Saves on Last Minute Flights

Concur’s analysis of flight costs for those very last minute flights can help businesses save money. They have taken data from various airlines and aggregated it to see the cost difference depending on when tickets are purchased. One analysis is based on a report conducted in the US on approximately 22 million round-trip bookings. Concur compares the cost of booking 15 days in advance up to the same-day flight. 

As a business, having this data to create policies surrounding last minute flight booking is extremely beneficial, and can save thousands of dollars per year. 

Concur Savings Helper


Concur savings helper.

Optimizes Off-season Travel

Concur also helps businesses decide when and when not to travel. When there is flexibility, employees should fly during off-season. For example, summer months or peak traveling times should be avoided to save money on travel expenses. Instead, employees should try to travel during fall, spring, or winter months, before or after the holiday season. Accordingly, large events that happen during peak season should be booked during off season. 

Concur has all kinds of data about when to book, when to not book, and when your employees should and should not travel to cut costs. There are not always ways around this, but are important things to keep in mind. 

Off Season Airports


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Considers Airport Options

Another thing to note is which airports to use when booking. Businesses should be open to smaller airports and consider the cost difference. Sometimes flying in or out of a small airport can save significantly, especially if you are paying more already for last minute flights. Consider whether transportation or car rentals from a smaller local airport would be worth it. Perhaps try to negotiate for discounts on these services and cut some costs this way as well. 

Uses Expense Management Techniques

Everytime employees go on a trip, they have to fill out an expense report and save their receipts, right? Instead of spending time and money going through and approving these, Concur expense reporting makes it easier. Employees can use concur travel solutions to track all their expenses using the mobile app. The SAP Concur software creates an expense report for you so you don’t need to put in all the extra effort.

With this tool, your business can verify or approve the expenses and reimburse quickly. Additionally, having all the data consolidated into one software will allow you to easily see the spending trends and create an informed expense policy


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See For Yourself

Now that we’ve discussed how Concur can help businesses cut costs, consider trying it out. Go to the Concur website and see for yourself. To get a glimpse of what it looks like to use Concur travel booking, I suggest using their menu drop down box and clicking on “Travel Products.” This will take you to a page that gives an overview on each of the services they provide. 

Scroll halfway down to page and you’ll see a cell phone and an interactive demo of the mobile app. Click through these to get an idea of what it looks like to use their software to search, book, and track expenses. 

I would also suggest signing up for a trail and explore the ways your business can really benefit from using Concur. On the menu bar, there is a button on the top right that says “Test Drive.” You can click on this and fill out the information. The company will create what’s called a “sandbox account” for you and give you a peek into their services. They will customize their services to meet the needs of your business, and help you through many of the steps we discussed above. 

Concur customer service is built to be able to help your unique business needs put specific policies in place, budget right while cutting down on expenses, and travel smarter. For more information on how to benefit from using Concur, here is some additional contact information:

To access Concur solutions sign in directly click here

For Concur customer service use click here.

For the Concur phone number for support call: (855) 895-4815

For the Concur travel phone number, you must log into your account and click “Help,” then “Contact Support.” You should be directed this way. Or you can call the above support number.



SAP Concur. 

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