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Red eye flights may seem daunting, especially when you think of why they’re called “red eye” flights! Originally named for the potential red eyes you may have due to lack of sleep, red eye flights are those that take off at night and arrive in the morning. They are particularly useful for those traveling for work or those who do not want to waste a day for travel time.

There is no reason for you to be scared of a red eye flight, however. We’ll teach you the tips and tricks you can utilize so that you wake up looking and feeling refreshed after your red eye flight.

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Red Eye Flights: An Overview

Before we get into red eye flight tips, let’s first talk about what exactly a red eye flight is.

As you already know, a red eye flight is a flight that leaves at night and arrives in the morning. It is generally intended that you will be in the air during a time where you would normally be sleeping. With red eye flight times, you don’t waste daylight to travel. Instead, you’re using the plane as accommodation for a night.

Who should use a red eye flight?

The simple answer: anybody. There is no specific person who should use a red eye flight. If you’re looking to minimize traveling during the day, a red eye plane might be the flight for you. It is especially helpful if you’re only traveling somewhere for a short period of time, or if you’re traveling for work – as long as you can sleep well on the flight.

You can also take children on a red eye flight. Though you don’t want to disturb the other passengers with crying babies and you don’t want your children not to get enough sleep, if you plan in advance and prepare well, you’ll be just fine taking a red eye flight time with kids.

Are red eye flights always offered?

Not every route has a red eye flight time offered. For example, for short 45 minute flights, there are no red eyes available. Typically, red eye flights are around four to six hours, sometimes longer but rarely shorter. Common routes include flights from the United States to Europe, such as New York to London.

Can I always choose to take a red eye flight time?

Sometimes you have the choice between taking a red eye and not taking a red eye. But sometimes, the only flight offered takes off at night and arrives during the day. This is especially true with international flights. So, if you’re planning on traveling, you might as well learn how to prepare for red eye flight times.

Preparing For A Red Eye Flight

The good thing about red eye flight times is that you’re in the same boat as all of the other passengers. Everyone is going from night to morning, and most people will try to get some sleep on the flight. The airlines will be respectful of passenger needs and turn off the lights during a portion of the trip so that you can sleep easier. But, flights are inherently noisy and it can be hard to rest well.

Consider these tips and tricks to help you with your next red eye flight:

  • Bring a scarf, blanket, or extra jacket: Flights can be cold, and if you’re uncomfortable all night you may not be able to sleep. Some airlines will have blankets for you, but some may not. By packing an extra layer in your carry-on, you’re well-prepared to combat any flight climate, whether hot or cold.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: Ditch the suit jackets and high heels for your flight, and wear clothes that you feel comfortable enough to sleep in. As flights are usually cold, consider wearing clothing that keeps you warm instead of shorts or short skirts. If you’re flying business class, you will have a certain dress code, but you can definitely still find a way to be comfortable.
  • Choose your seat in advance: If you know you need to get up and walk throughout the flight or use the bathroom frequently, book an aisle seat in advance. If you need the window to lean on to sleep, book the window. Or, if you like to be snuggled up in between two people, the middle is for you. Whatever your choice in seating is, by picking your seat in advance, you will be more comfortable on the flight.
  • Bring earplugs or headphones: If you’re worried about noise on the flight, pack a set of earplugs or bring your headphones. That way if it’s too loud, you’ll have something to drown the noise out.

Now that you’re properly informed on how to prepare, hopefully red eye flights don’t seem as daunting to you. While it may be easier to just travel during the day, by getting comfortable with red eye flight times, you’re giving yourself more time in your chosen destination and allowing flexibility in finding flights. Not only will you get more time on your trip, you’ll also likely save money by not worrying about flight times. Win-win!

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