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Sometimes the most expensive part about traveling is the flight itself! Knowing when NOT to buy a ticket, is just as important as knowing when to buy a ticket. So you may be asking “how can I make sure I am not blowing my money on flights?” Use this as a guide to know when NOT to book your flights: 

Fridays and Saturdays hit the spot

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If you want to purchase a sky-high ticket, then booking on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the way to go. Right after a long day at work, planning a getaway trip or vacation sounds like a great idea. Logically, people book trips during their free time. Due to the high demand, the prices go up. Throughout the week, it is common to see those same tickets return to normal prices. Evil, right?

Think About Time 

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Yes, ticket prices change by the hour. Breathe, it is going to be okay. Always remember to book before 4-5 PM for the destination you are flying out of. For example, if you are looking to leave New York City, then do not book after 4 or 5 PM. Nine to fivers have the freest time after work, and you are essentially competing against people in your city to score that cheap plane ticket. Just like you are competing with shoppers on Black Friday for that TV. If you can beat them to it, you have an advantage.

High Season Time 

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Although traveling during the summer may be the most convenient, especially if you are traveling with kiddos, it is the worst time to purchase tickets. Many airlines know how dire people are wanting to get a little vacation time. Plane tickets during the summer are double the price. Alongside airlines with their tickets, hotels drastically increase their prices. If you purchase a plane ticket during the summer, the tickets may even be three times as expensive. If your schedule allows, avoid summer altogether. 

Wintertime can also be a high season since many students and corporate workers have time off. A few weeks before Christmas, and right after the New Year tickets are in high demand. Especially for tropical and skiing locations. Winter is a strange season because it depends on the destination you are planning to travel to. If it is a popular winter destination, then the ticket prices will be bumped up. If it is not particularly a winter destination, the prices may even go down. 

Spring break is an especially high season time for students in beachy and hotspot destinations. Booking a ticket for Miami, Santorini, or Cancun will be especially high during March weeks. If you want to experience overpriced flights, budget hotels, and long lines then definitely travel during this time of the year! 

Last Minute Bookings 

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There is always an exception to this rule, but generally booking last minute for a specific destination is asking for high prices. If you book the day of or day before, airlines typically dramatically spike up the prices. Usually, last-minute bookings are due to emergencies, and the airline is right there to take advantage of your desperation. How late is too late? According to the 2018 Airfare Study by Cheapair, if you book for your trip within two weeks you are already booking too late. Therefore, it is recommended to book months in advance. Booking last minute has its consequences, so if you can avoid making this mistake, your bank account will appreciate you for it. 

When You Should Not Fly 

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Depending on what day you fly, will also change the price of your ticket. Usually, traveling on Sundays and Fridays are the two most expensive days to travel. This is the end of the workweek and the beginning of it for many workers. Meaning people are leaving, as well as trying to get back to their home destination. Saturdays may not be a smart move either because many people will take short weekend trips.


Now that you know when not to book, work around that time to figure out the best time to book! Unless you particularly enjoy paying high prices for the same product. Remember to avoid booking last minute flights, on the weekends, and for high travel seasons. Always remember when there is a demand then the prices of the supplies increase! Hopefully, this will help you from being fooled by the greediness of airlines.

Check out our article on the Best Day of the Week to Buy Flights here.

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