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6 Pro Packing Tips for Digital Nomads

I have been living a digital nomad lifestyle for almost two years, and one thing that I have learned is quality over quantity. Picture this: you arrive at the airport

Eating Food & Traveling the World

WARNING: This article could cause severe hunger for food and travel. Let’s be real– who doesn’t love food? One of the best parts about traveling is trying the local cuisine.

5 Cool Futuristic Hotels We Love

Welcome to 2020! Unfortunately, many of our predictions of teleportation, flying cars, and robots taking over the world went wrong. However, the hotel industry has fortunately managed to create futuristic

Concur Travel and Last Minute Flights

Businesses pay a lot of money to fly their employees around the country and internationally. Last minute flights are unavoidable, and can make the price of unexpected travel costs even

Scoring Last Minute Google Travel Flights

If you’re like me—impulsive with a hint of wanderlust—you’ve probably used Google Flights. If you haven’t, you’ve probably heard about it. Google Flights is definitely one of my top choices


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