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How did I score the best deal on my flight to Bali? The burning question we all want to know the answer to. I’ll tell you one thing: Skyscanner definitely helped me out. Let’s talk about Skyscanner Flights.

Skyscanner is a killer online travel booking engine

After spending long hours figuring out various cheap ticket search-engine sites, like Google Flights and Kayak, Skyscanner has become my go-to. I’ll explain why. The key is to know what to do to get the best Skyscanner deals. First, I’ll give you an overview of Skyscanner’s unique features, then we can walk through some steps together.

Skyscanner does the following extremely well:

Finds the Best Flight Deals & Helps You Book

The main role of Skyscanner is to literally scan the sky for the cheapest and best flights. 

Although Skyscanner flight booking does not happen directly through the website, once you’ve done your research, it will give you the best options to book your flight. 

Skyscanner shows you the list of booking options through a third-party online travel agency (OTA) or the airline. More importantly, Skyscanner shows you their ratings so you can make an informed decision before booking (or getting scammed). Don’t worry, I’ll explain more later.

Free flight comparison with Skyscanner, your flight search starts here!

It Offers Optimal Flexibility Options

If you are flexible on your travel dates, you will fall in love with this option! You can compare the cheapest day of the week, month, or calendar year. For example, if you want to fly out in May, but you’re not tied to a particular date, you may see a big price difference flying on Monday as opposed to Thursday. 

When I flew to Egypt last winter, I saved over $300 by booking two weeks later than I’d originally planned. That helped me budget for more sightseeing and smaller trips later that were definitely worth it. 

Find the best time to book a flight from the US!

Fly Anywhere on a Whim 

If you’re eager to travel the world, this option will float your boat. Skyscanner flight deals also include the option to go anywhere for the cheapest price. Sky’s the limit (literally!). Your search can be as broad as finding the cheapest flight of the whole year from your current destination to anywhere in the world. 

Fly for less with Skyscanner

Compares Multiple Regional Airports

Another convenient feature is that, when selecting your destination, you can find any airport in the area and it will compare prices. In my experience, sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s not.

For example, I found a round-trip ticket from Denver to BWI (Baltimore) airport for $100 cheaper than DCA (Reagan). I bought it thinking, Wow, that’s a way better deal! Turns out, because of where I was staying in D.C., the Uber ride from BWI was pretty much the same price. Regardless, I always check this feature because sometimes it’s definitely worth it.

Skyscanner’s Deals Updated Weekly

Skyscanner scans the skies for the best deals across multiple engines.

Skyscanner Step-by-Step Guide:

Okay, now that I’ve explained the wonderful tools of Skyscanner, let’s go through it together. Go ahead and open the Skyscanner website (www.skyscanner.com) 

Search All Regional Airports

Select the destination you will fly From and To. You can see directly underneath are boxes that say Add Nearby Airports. If you check them, Skyscanner will compare flights in all surrounding airports. You can also do this by selecting (Any) after typing in the destination (see below). 

Check the Direct Flights Only box if you don’t want to make any stops.

Select Your Dates

Next, click on the Depart box. A calendar will drop down showing the month you’re currently in. At the top you’ll see Specific Date. To the right is the Whole Month option—I always choose this option. If you have even a day or two of flexibility, it could save you some dollars. Then, select which month you would like to travel. 

During this stage you also have the option of selecting the Cheapest Month. You’ll see it right away when you click the Whole Month option; a box at the top of the drop down. This will find you the cheapest time of year to travel to your selected destination. 

To search cheap tickets everywhere, simply click the To box. An option will pop up to search everywhere. You can also scroll down a bit and click Search Everywhere just below the banner image to the right.

Now, Search Away! 

When you’re ready, hit Search Flights. This is where you’ll see Skyscanner cheap tickets. You’ll notice that on the calendar, each day has a price. I typically scroll around for the cheapest flight that month and then select both options in the depart and return (lowest prices in green and highest in red). You’ll see that some days are double or triple the price!

You’re Almost Ready to Book

Now, you’re almost ready to book! Once you’ve selected your dates, click Show Flights. And boom baby! Skyscanner will automatically show Best flights first (this factors in price, airline options, and flight time). You also have the option of clicking Cheapest or Fastest in the boxes above. 

Check out the side bar on the right for a whole slew of filters and options to customize your flight. Find which flight would be best for you, and then Select the one you want. 

Book Your Ticket Carefully! 

The option you selected will be first on the list of airlines and OTAs with their ratings on the right. As a rule of thumb, I never select anything with less than 4 star ratings unless I know the company or I’ve done a quick google search on scammer sites. Some of the OTAs can be a bit dodgy, and you don’t want to book with them unless you know it’s a safe bet.

Now that Skyscanner has done most of the research for you, it’s time to book. Select the flight that suits you and always remember to check for extra fees. One time I ended up paying almost $200 more just to check a bag!

Get Flying with Skyscanner

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can score sweet Skyscanner flight deals like I did on my trips around the world. Don’t forget to download the Skyscanner App to get updates and deals directly to your phone. Good luck out there and safe travels! 

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