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Virgin Atlantic Airways is a British Airline headquartered in Crawley, England. Founded in 1984, by Sir Richard Branson, this Airline takes passengers across the world to North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. In 2018, Virgin Atlantic flew over 5 million passengers. And interestingly, this popular airline was the first that introduced a premium economy, ensuring that passengers of all budgets can travel in quality comfort. Before you make your decision to book a flight with Virgin Atlantic Airways, let’s go over some of the basics and essentials: 

First things first, how to book 

Like most airlines, you have a few options to book your flight. You can either do it directly, with a travel agent or through a third party site. 

To book direct with the airline, simply visit their website This is the easiest, but not always the most cost-efficient way to book.

If you decide to book with a travel agent, remember to express that you would like to book with Virgin Atlantic Airlines. 

Lastly, if you are booking through a third-party website such as Google flights or Skyscanner, you will do the booking independently. Make sure that the website and the ticket you are booking it through is legitimate. 

Process for Boarding

The process for boarding a Virgin Atlantic Airlines flight is pretty simple. First, upper class, families, and handicapped passengers are given priority to board. Then the premium economy and economy delight follow. Economy basic is called by rows. 

Virgin Atlantic Inflight Entertainment

Let’s be real, long haul flights are boring and exhausting. Having quality inflight entertainment is essential to making time fly by (no pun intended). And Virgin Atlantic does not disappoint. Once you snuggle into your classic red seat, you can binge-watch hours of your favorite movies and shows. 

Passengers flying with first-time or autistic children can enjoy the tailor-made episode by Virgin Atlantic, “Suzie Goes On An Aeroplane” which shows an animated character demonstrating the correct behavior on a plane. 

Or, if you want to sit there, and let your mind wander in the clouds– Virgin Atlantic offers diverse music playlists to help passengers relax. 

Fly First Class

Flying upper class at Virgin Atlantic is a luxurious experience, Virgin Atlantic claims that you will “enjoy every little moment”.

From the start to the end, Upper-Class passengers get an exclusive airline experience. As soon as passengers arrive at the airport, they are personally directed through check-in and security. 

Afterward, passengers get to experience phenomenal service at their lounge, equipped with amenities such as spas, diverse seating options, drinks, and entertainment options. 

After superior service on land, passengers get the same treatment in air. With friendly cabin crew available to your service the entire flight, you will hardly feel like you are flying. With an option to lie down and watch TV, you will land feeling well-rested and ready for your upcoming adventure!

If you want to booze up on-board (but don’t forget to equally hydrate). You can access the exclusive bar service. 

Refund Policy 

If you booked your flight with a travel agent or through a third party website, you will first need to contact them. 

If you book directly with Virgin Atlantic Airlines, here is what you need to know about their strict refund policy:

If you booked a nonrefundable ticket, you will not be able to go back, unfortunately. A nonrefundable ticket, after all, is nonrefundable. 

If you booked a refundable ticket at a discounted rate, there may be part of your ticket that is nonrefundable. If your ticket is fully refundable and unused, you can request a full refund here

Economy programs

Fortunately, customers have a few economic programs to choose from. There is Economy Light, Economy Classic, and Economy Delight. 

With Economy Light, you get the bare necessities such as meals and drinks included, hand baggage only, and select seats at check-in. This is not upgrade-able with miles.

With Economy Classic you get a bit more with meals and drinks included, select standard seat anytime, and 1 checked-in baggage. This seat is upgrade-able with miles if you are interested in that. 

With Economy Delight, you get a much more premium experience, with meals and drinks included, select seat anytime, 1 checked-in baggage, priority boarding, and premium check-in. 

Unlike most Airlines, Virgin Atlantic goes out of their ways to make their economy customers feel like a king. Each person on flight gets their goody bag, included with a sleep mask, tissues, blanket, pillow, pen and paper, all of the necessities you would need to have a comfortable and easy long-haul flight. And this is upgrade-able with miles if you are interested in experiencing the lavish lifestyle of upper-class passengers. 

Let’s Talk Premium

Virgin Atlantic is most famously known for its premium economic program. 

Who said that flying Economy has to feel cheap? For more money, you can fly Economy lavishly.

When you purchase your ticket, you can make an upgrade at check out. Or if you would rather wait, when you arrive at check-in on the day of travel you can ask to upgrade at the counter. 

With the Premium Economy, seats are more spacious and spread out. Which is great for long flights, where you may want to catch a few hours of sleep. If that isn’t enough reason, Premium Economy passengers get complimentary beverages, as well as a full menu. 

Flying Club

One of the best ways to score benefits with Virgin Atlantic is by joining their Flying Club. This club is completely free to join and only takes a few minutes with basic information. Every time you book flights with Virgin Atlantic, you earn miles you can use towards your next travel trip.  

If you are a USA resident, you have the option to further your Flying Club features and apply for a Virgin Atlantic Credit Card. For a low annual fee of 90 USD, you can earn 3 miles per dollar spent on a Virgin Atlantic Flight. 

In addition to monetary benefits, the Virgin Atlantic Credit Card offers some of the most competitive additional benefits if you book your trip entirely with them. This includes travel assistance: such as medical, legal, and personal advice available 24/7 by calling their hotline. And there is emergency roadside assistance.

Here is a chart to weigh out the options on a Virgin Atlantic Credit Card: 

Taken from:

Spending within anniversary yearMiles earned on purchasesAnniversary miles earnedTotal miles earnedValue of miles earnedReturn
$25,000 with Virgin Atlantic $0 non-bonus75,00015,00090,000$1,3505.4%
$20,000 with Virgin Atlantic $5,000 non-bonus67,50015,00082,500$1,2374.9%
$15,000 with Virgin Atlantic $10,000 non-bonus60,00015,00075,000$1,1254.5%
$10,000 with Virgin Atlantic $15,000 non-bonus52,50015,00067,500$1,0124.0%
$5,000 with Virgin Atlantic $20,000 non-bonus45,00015,00060,000$9003.6%
$0 with Virgin Atlantic $25,000 non-bonus37,50015,00052,500$7873.1%

Before you apply for a credit card, make sure to look at your credit score and outweigh the pros and cons. Getting a credit card can deeply affect your credit score which is important for low interest on loans and mortgages. If you apply for this card with a low credit score, you could further harm your credit. 

If you decide that you do not want to give your loyalty to one airline, then we recommend applying for a general travel card that offers great perks. Such as Chase Sapphire Reserve, with this card, you can earn travel points, get discounts on car rentals, have Global Entry application fee waived, and have access to many airport lounges. We hate to sound like a parent, but thoroughly do your research before investing in a credit card. 

Virgin Atlantic Cares for its customers

One of the biggest aspects that makes Virgin Atlantic stand out from its competitors is the exceptional customer service. With Virgin Atlantic, there are multiple ways to contact them that best works for you. 

If you are having trouble seeking information that is not on their website, you can contact them in three ways: calling their hotline, sending a text, or by filling out an online contact form. 

Their attentive service and quick responses help make passenger’s experience easy and stress-less. Their casualness and wittiness in conversation with customers make you feel like you are part of a family. 

Frequent Flyer Programs

Unfortunately, Virgin Atlantic is outdated with their loyalty programs. In 2018, they came out with a press statement saying they intended to launch a loyalty program. However, no update has been given since that initial press release. 


If you are flying to or from Britain on a long haul flight, then Virgin Atlantic might be the way to go. With stylish design and friendly service, Virgin Atlantic offers premium service to its customers. And with multiple economy options, it makes Virgin Atlantic one of the most competitive airlines out there. However, if you are looking to invest in an Airline where you can reap the most frequent flyer benefits, other airlines offer more perks. But with some of the most outstanding customer service and cabin crew, you’re in for a treat with a flight from Virgin Atlantic Airways. 

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