6 Best Portable Language Translator Devices in 2020

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Landing in a foreign country can be tough, especially if you aren’t familiar with local customs or speak the language. Ways you express yourself, or even ask for where the bathroom is, can be wildly different and missteps can lead to surprising responses.

Communication is a necessary piece of successful traveling. Being able to interact with locals is a major part of experiencing a culture and simply staying safe! Ordering a meal, asking for directions to the nearest grocery store or hospital, and understanding street signs can be important things to have up your sleeve while traveling. There’s only so many hand gestures or pictures to point at to get your point across.

What is the best way to prepare when traveling to a foreign country? What can you do before traveling to a country in which the local dialect is unfamiliar? Without the use of a WiFi connection and a smartphone, there may be instances when a traveler might find themselves lost or even stranded.

In 2020, translator devices are powerful, reliable, and sometimes life-saving pieces of technology. They help people connect, travelers thrive and can save immeasurable amounts of time and trouble. With technology moving at the speed of light, we’ve rounded up our list of the best portable language translator devices to make your next trip a smoother one.

Important Translator Device Features

Language Support

One of the more obvious, make sure the language translator device you pick supports the language and dialect of what’s important to you. Major languages are typically covered by most devices, but check for any specifics you really want or need.

Form Factor & Battery

Are you the type to keep devices in a pocket and whip out constantly? Are you a business traveler who only pulls your device translator out in meetings? Think about what size, shape and battery life makes the most sense for you.

Internet Dependency

A lot of language translator devices require an active Internet connection (either by connected phone data plan or WiFi) and may not be of use to you in a distant location. Consider how important it is to you to have an online translator or offline translator device.

Best Portable Language Translator Devices in 2020 (Updated)

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Translator Device Reviews

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Jarvisen has a reputation for building premium products, and this real-time voice translator device is no exception. Including free global data (for 2-years free) and touting 95% accuracy, the No products found. is one of the best you can buy, and takes the cake for us.

Enjoy 2-way voice translation in 200 countries’ languages with support from a custom contextual artificial intelligence that learns voice recognition patterns and helps translate more accurately. On top of an AI, this bad boy comes with more complicated professional vocabulary built-in, working intently in healthcare, IT, finance, legal, energy and even sports.

Not only has Jarivsen packed in killer features, this translator device also looks good and feels nice. A small form factor and generous battery make this an easy add to your pocket or bag. Even better, this device comes with 4 built-in microphones and noise-cancelling technology to capture crisp and clear voice input in even the noisiest of environments.

Mostly importantly, Jarvisen’s translator device is praised for super fast (less than 0.5 seconds typically) response times. That can be tough for even a seasoned human translator to compete with!

Feature Highlights

  • Super accurate voice recognition and translation with artificial intelligence and noise cancelling technologies
  • Offline support for major languages and free 2-year data for online
  • High resolution touch screen, dual speakers and slim body design
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous translation use on a single charge
  • Near real-time translation with response times under 0.5 seconds
  • Specialized vocabulary programming to support higher level conversations

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The size of an iPhone, the No products found. is more than meets the eye. With an interesting curved screen on black body, this translation device also boasts artificial intelligence and noise-cancelling technology to recognize, learn and translate language with killer precision.

Like the Jarvisen translator, the Langogo device comes with free 2-year data to translate online without a connected device. Past that you’re looking at another fee, but 2-years free is plenty of time to device if it’s for you.

More than most, the Langogo translator device also comes with a paid hotspot feature, letting it share Internet to other devices you have while on-the-go. Easily connect a laptop, phone, or other WiFi device to the language translator device to get online wirelessly.

One of our favorite features that makes the Langogo stand apart is an 8 megapixel camera and OCR recognition support. That means you can point your translator device at signs in another language and translate text. Save yourself hunting for foreign characters on text translators, whew!

Feature Highlights

  • Free online support for 2-years, and offline support for major languages
  • Native support for 45 languages and 57 regional accents
  • Onboard camera with OCR recognition for picture translations
  • Small form factor and 0.21 pound (98 gram) total weight for portability and ease of carrying

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The No products found. is another handy two-way instant voice tool. Working without the need for an accompanying app, this little fella is has a 2.4 inch high-def touch screen and makes translating on-the-fly super easy.

This device comes with out-of-the-box support for 106 languages online and 8 languages offline. You’ll get online support free for a while, then have an option to pay for it like most other devices working online. The device integrates with leading translation engines like Google, Microsoft, Baidu, and IFLYTEK to spit out clean and accurate translations.

With a 5 million pixel onboard camera, the portable Mortentr language translation device uses OCR technology to also let you translate images like signs, labels and writing. This can be invaluable in cities, stores or restaurants when you need to translate text to get around or order your next meal.

Feature Highlights

  • AI translation built on Google, Microsoft, Baidu and IFLYTEK libraries
  • Support to translate 8 languages offline and 106 languages online
  • 2.4 inch high-definition touch screen and small form factor
  • Photographic translation with 5 million pixel camera and OCR
  • Translation recording to save meetings, quick snippets or directions

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Supporting 45 languages and 57 accents, the No products found. is a mid-range device with high-end features. A little heavier and larger than

Translator Device FAQs

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Translator Devices

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