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What’s the quickest way to ruin a vacation? Lost luggage! While the family is off to Bermuda, their cameras, chargers, swimsuits and flip flops are en route to West Virginia! Nearly everyone experiences the dread that accompanies the separation from their belongings; but there are a number of ways to easily track or identify luggage, and avoid the added stress.

Travel luggage tags are self-identifying bits of information that bind luggage to the owner. With a self-identifying luggage tag, baggage owners can confidently track and claim their luggage, without having to throw fists, spend hundreds on a fancy collection, or kiss their stress-free vacation goodbye.

When hunting for a practical travel luggage tag, smart shoppers and savvy travelers should consider factors such as luggage weight, number of connecting flights and the risk that may incur, and – of course – style!

Take a look at this selection of travel luggage tags, ranging from practical and prepared, to stylish and sleek!

Eteckcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Forget the overweight fees at the airport! The Eteckcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale is a metal luggage tag that allows vacationers to weigh their luggage throughout a trip. No need to worry if all those souvenirs will cost extra! With the digital hanging luggage scale, the prepared traveler can whip out this portable baggage scale, and know whether or not those extra shirts and snacks will add up!

The hanging luggage scale has a 110lb/50kg weight capacity so the smart traveler can pack the bag accordingly, avoiding the hassle of playing Tetris with personal belongings at the airport. With a built-in temperature sensor capable of displaying both Fahrenheit and Celsius, this luggage tag gives owners a heads up whether or not their luggage is getting too toasty.

Clearly, the most practical feature of this travel luggage tag, is the scale. Save time and money with this portable luggage scale!

  • Overload indicator
  • High-accuracy sensor
  • Capacity 110lb/50kg
  • Temperature sensor
  • Auto-off

SwiftFinder Location-Enabled Smart Luggage Tag

The SwiftFinder Location-Enabled Smart Luggage Tag combines technology and safety! This thing is incredible. It’s essentially a “Find My iPhone” feature for luggage!

This smart luggage tag comes with two web-enabled smart ID luggage tags that allow your bag-finder to contact via email, text message or voice. Attach the Key Finder to a bag, then pair the key finder to the Zenlyfe app on any smartphone. With a 160 ft sensor range, users can track their baggage on a GPS to see where their bags are. If the app gets disconnected from the Key Finder, users get a notification and can immediately alert airline attendants.

Each tag possesses a unique QR code that can be scanned via smartphone to report GPS location and nearest street address. In the event your bag winds up outside of the airport, users are made aware and can handle issues on-the-spot. Avoid the hassle of locating your lost bags with this super practical luggage tag.

Luggage arrival notifications
Extended battery life
Bluetooth range of 30-50m in open space
Volume tracker 85 dB
Crowd finder network

Star Wars Luggage Tags

Find bags with laser focus with the Star Wars Not The Bag You Are Looking For vintage luggage tag. It’s an officially licensed Bioworld Star Wars Product made from durable vinyl plastic. It includes a belt style strap for you to securely attach to your luggage. A clear ID information window is located on the backhand side for easy identification.

  • Star Wars (need we say more?)
  • PU Leather Luggage Tag
  • Belt Style Strap

Bendable Initial Bag Tag

For those that want a sleek, business-like look the Bendable Initial Bag Tag displays a large letter in the center of the travel luggage tag. Made of sturdy, high quality rubber, this tag will hold up through any rough and tumble conditions.

The identification card on the back has a privacy cover that helps conceal personal information, making this luggage tag a practical and safe luggage tag option.

  • Bright custom initial
  • Dense rubber
  • Privacy cover

Triangle Colorful Suitcase Labels

These Triangle Colorful Suitcase Labels are bright, fun, and can be easily spotted from a distance. Each set comes with eight luggage tags in a wide variety of colors. The tags are made from 100% high quality, soft yet durable PU leather.

These stylish designer luggage tags have a unique look, making it easy to identify your bag at the airport. Perfect not just for travel luggage, but laptop bags, golf bags, and backpacks. Use as a luggage tag set for the entire family, keep them all for yourself and slap one on each of your personal bags, or swap out the luggage tag for a new look each day.

  • Set of 8
  • PU leather
  • Privacy sleeve
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