Universal Travel Plug Adapters to Rule Them All

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Technology has become essential for travelers, allowing people to stay safe and connected while exploring distant regions of the world. Yet even with a dependence on technology, one item that commonly doesn’t make the cut on a traveler’s checklist, is a travel adapter.

Without the ability to charge smartphones, laptops, cameras, travelers might find themselves a bit lost or even stranded. One of the most important things to consider before embarking on an international journey, is the right type of travel adapter! Certain adapters are meant for multi-device use, while others specialize in surge-protection and safety. 

Take a look at these travel adapters to ensure there’s never a moment in which you’re without a charged device!

Power Plug Adapter by Sublime Ware

2000 W Travel Adapter Kit

The Power Plug Adapter by Sublime Ware is made for international travel. With a 220-volt adapter and USB ports that function in 150 different countries, this travel adapter is an all in one option for the frequent, international traveler.

This particular international adapter allows for charging up to four devices simultaneously. No need to choose which item to leave at the hotel or AirBnB. With this multi-plug travel adapter, travelers have the ability to charge multiple devices at once. With a pin locking mechanism for secure plugins, there’s no need to worry about plugs sinking in. This travel adapter securely locks all 8 pins into place.

  • 2 USB ports
  • 4 ports for simultaneous charging

Glamfields Travel Adapter

GLAMFIELDS travel adapter

The Glamfields Travel Adapter is also an all in one option with an ability to accept plugs from more than 200 countries! It comes with a built-in self-resetting fuse, so travelers can know their electronics are safe with no risk of a blown fuse. If the adapter is over-current or over-voltage, the fuse disconnects and automatically resets.

It charges up to five electronic devices at the same time. This adapter is meant for the usage of personal electronic items such as phones, laptops and cameras. The USB power adapter has built-in IC chip, can automatically identify the current and voltage and choose the appropriate charging mode accordingly. Provides protection for the devices.

  • 5 charging ports
  • 3 USB ports
  • Self-resetting fuse

EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

The EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter covers more than 150 countries with US/EU/AU/UK plugs. Charge up to six devices simultaneously at high speed. This international travel adapter is compatible with a wide variety of personal electronics. It comes with a 30-day money back and 1-year limited guarantee, in order for you to purchase with confidence.

  • 6 ports for simultaneous charging
  • High-speed charging
  • Safety certified

World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics

World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics

An option that differs from those stated above is the World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics. This seven-piece set comes with six different types of plugs for worldwide usage. This plug adapter kit also comes with surge protection for ultimate peace of mind.

  • 7 charging ports
  • Surge protection
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